GTI operates based on a rigorous, five-step project management process which includes

Step 1 | Assessment

Business sector challenges
Company business strategy
IT objectives
Inventory of strategic informational assets
Inventory of IT assets
Strategic assets security policies
System user and manager profiles

Step 2 | Analysis

Modeling of business processes and information flow
Interface definition
Data structure
Identification of rules governing company operations
Degree of vulnerability of information system
Risks analysis
Pairing of existing solutions and company needs

Step 3 | Recommandation

Configuration of optimally integrated network
Provision of management and/or website software packages
Prioritization of administrative, IT and physical security measures
Training programs
Level of support service: as needed, ongoing, periodic
Budget and timetable

Step 4 | Implementation

Design, development, testing and implementation of solution
Data conversion or migration
Installation of hardware and security systems
Implementing or updating of security policies
Quality control
Licence and warranty management
User and/or personnel training

Step 5 | Follow-up

Compliance with deadlines
Compliance with specifications
Level of comfort of system users and managers
Achievement of business objectives