Véro & Louis Foundation

Fondation Véro & Louis foundationIt is with great pride that GTI’s team supports the Véro & Louis Foundation which helps adults living with an autism spectrum disorder.

The Véro & Louis Foundation

Founded in 2016 by Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette, the Véro & Louis Foundation mission is to offer a safe and stimulating environment and provide long term support to individuals over 21 years of age living with an autism spectrum disorder.

fondation véro & louis foundation

The foundation’s choice was motivated by the realization that the services offered to this specific group are almost non-existent. Several initiatives available to children with such disorders diminish or disappear when they reach adulthood.

Ultimately, their goal is to build and manage one or more houses that can meet those needs. The first of these should welcome its first residents by 2019.

GTI’s Contribution

As a partner, GTI has graciously offered its expertise to develop the management solution that oversees donations. Designed by our experts in software solutions, implementation of this tool allows the foundation to quickly and efficiently manage the tasks related to issuing tax receipts.

Reflecting our values, we are proud to support the Véro & Louis Foundation, and hope that our commitment will contribute positively to the advancement of its cause.

For more information about the foundation or to make a donation, visit www.fondationverolouis.com