February 20th, 2018  |  par GTI Canada  |  Technology

Backup: Do you Know Where Your Data is Stored?

There are different methods for backing up data. Each method aims to ensure the accessibility of the data necessary for the proper functioning of the company. This is the keystone of any good IT service. The data must be secured and available for the right person at the right moment, according to their responsibilities.

To ensure that, there are several processes that will fit to every company’s needs:

  • Remote backup
  • Local backup
  • Private cloud computing
  • Public cloud computing

Remote backup

A lot of companies make remote backup their first choice. It is on a physical remote site. The replication is done thanks to a WAN network.

The benefit of this process is that data is safe if a damage happens on site. Data can be replicate on a remote site that is not damaged.

Local backup

The benefit of local backup is that it can be quickly done. It requires portable storage device such as USB stick, hard disk or external hard drive. It can be done directly with a special software.

It is judicious to pair local backup with a copy on a NAS server, a scalable backup device. This server allows you to store several hard disks with an intuitive web management interface.

The key element is disk repetition, multiplication of copies and automatization.

Cloud computing

The cloud computing is a software allowing you to rent or to buy a virtual space to host your informatic systems.

The storage can be in a private cloud owned by the company. It can also be in a public cloud, thanks to a retailer.

There are several kinds of cloud computing services for companies:

  • IAAS
  • PAAS
  • SAAS

This simple and humorous outline should allow you to understand the nuances:


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