Digital Creativity

MultipleMedia is a digital agency combining in-depth knowledge of cutting edge technologies with a Digital Creativity approach. In order to evolve at the rate of new digital trends, we took on the mandate of developing an integrated communications platform that could act as a hub for our business development activities. It is an ambitious undertaking: responsive website, interactive portfolio, integrated social media, and establishment of an e-mail-based relationship marketing strategy.


After spending more than 13 years with Sid Lee, Karim Kendjouh decided that he was ready for a new challenge. He joined the MultipleMedia team as President. “I saw MultipleMedia’s remarkable work, but mostly the team’s potential. I knew they had the capacity to go much further”, Karim states. One of his first challenges was presenting MultipleMedia’s uniqueness, its originality, and its efficiency. The idea of proceeding with an overhaul of the website and the interactive communications platform became obvious. He explains that this challenge gave him the idea to launch the project as a lab “so that the whole team could participate in defining who we are and who we want to be, all the while respecting our branding, our positioning, our values, etc.”


By engaging in this large-scale project, MultipleMedia wanted to make itself known while positioning itself as a major player on the digital development scene in Quebec and Canada. It was also the ideal opportunity to share the guiding principles that direct our work with clients and partners.

Karim also hopes that our new online platform will allow MultipleMedia to seize new business opportunities thanks to the consolidation of our integrated services offering (business intelligence, planning and strategy, web and mobile development, digital marketing, intranet and extranet, app development, and hosting and support.) We work with a multitude of technology platforms for businesses, both open source and home made. We do not want to set limits, because all that really matters is to understand our clients’ goals and their technological and budgetary environments so that we can propose relevant solutions with tangible results. He proudly states “we want to build a culture of innovation and creativity anchored in technology”.


By changing its logo, its visual identity, how it defines and positions itself, MultipleMedia is looking to bring to the forefront its two key attributes: creativity and command of digital technologies. This is what inspired the slogan “digital creativity”.

“It’s in our best interest to stand out in a highly competitive market. We have the know-how and the methodology, we are authentic and efficient. We always deliver on time and on budget. Our work brings real added value to our clients. So it’s essential that our image and our message make that clear on all fronts.”


As spirited as the MultipleMedia team was in accomplishing its mission, the process was not without its challenges. These fall into three categories:

  • The Strategy Challenge: This was the most important challenge. We dug deep to find a way to redefine MultipleMedia’s image in a way that carried us into the future, all the while respecting the company’s history and achievements. The solution did not fall from the sky, it had to be discussed, debated, questioned, and questioned again. For months, our days were filled with the analysis of ideas, meetings, passionate exchanges, and endless iterations, but the result was worth every minute.
  • The Technology Challenge: We absolutely wanted our site to tell a story, offer an immersive user experience, and respect the core rules of usability, while still ensuring adequate SEO referencing. For this, our platform had to be flexible, simple, and coherent. We also wanted to integrate our new thematic blog to the website experience and ensure all our social platform content was easily shareable. It goes without saying that finding THE optimal solution required hard work and a creative approach!
  • The Logistics Challenge: Last, but not least. Developing an in-house project is never easy. Our priority is always on client projects and we end up lacking time to set our big ideas in motion. We therefore had to resort to very tight planning, a fully iterative approach (SCRUM), daily team supervision, and constant involvement from management.

The website and communications platform overhaul project gave rise to technological and artistic innovations that we are all very happy with, but Karim is proudest of the team’s dedication and their appropriation of the project. He explains that “it was never a management project, it was everyone’s project. Everyone put their heart into it to reach this remarkable point”.

We hope you’ll enjoy discovering our new site as much as we enjoyed building it!


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