MULTIPLEMEDIA AND VOLUTUS TECHNOLOGIES MERGE WITH GTI We are proud to announce the merger of MultipleMedia and Volutus Technologies with GTI Canada Inc. (GTI). The consolidation of these three companies will strengthen GTI’s leadership role as one of Quebec’s flagship company in the IT consulting market and will allow the company to offer its customers a true one-stop IT hub. This merger is a response to our clients’ increasing demands for a broader and more diversified offer in terms of digital ecosystems. Bringing these two subsidiaries under GTI the umbrella is the next natural step after 10 years of collaboration and knowledge sharing between our companies. Therefore, we create more value for you with the addition of new complementary and strategic services in digital ecosystems and cloud technologies. GTI: A Key Innovative Leader in Quebec We are now able to provide additional support in achieving your business goals. Whether through it’s managed IT services, digital ecosystems, software solutions or cloud computing, GTI customers can now rely on over 90 specialists who “speak the same language” and have cutting-edge expertise that can directly help accelerate your digital transformation.  A New Brand Image That Reflects a Bright Future To celebrate this important milestone, GTI is proud to launch a brand-new visual identity. This new image, which embodies stability and rigour through its square shape, creativity, and security through its colour, reflects the evolution of an innovative Quebec flagship, an integrated technology leader and a one-stop IT hub that creates added value for its customers. You will be able to see this brand image in all our communication tools over the next few weeks.
This is a new era in the history of GTI. With over 90 TI experts now speaking the same language as well as a brand identity that represents its ambitions, GTI is making a strategic move to solidify its expertise as IT consultants. In taking these new strides, we are optimizing not only customer experience, but the quality of our service offer. Christian Coutu  Partner, President and CEO


Ten reasons to join the team at GTI
Michel Mondor, new Technical Lead and Architect.
Mohamed Rouis, new Vice-President, Managed IT Services and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)