Penetration Test Assessment


While network threats have existed for decades, the time between vulnerability and exploit by cybercriminals is shrinking. Organizations must react and protect their data.

GTI’s penetration test assessmentsecurity, audit, penetration test assessment

Our assessment gives you a straightforward status of your network security and identifies the solutions to implement to reinforce the security measures of your infrastructure. The objective: maintain your data security.

Our experts use a mix of manual and automated testing techniques in an attempt to gain access to information. They simulate an intrusion as it would be carried out by cybercriminals, but without the associated consequences.

Recommendations to strengthen your security measures

Once the test is completed, our experts will provide you with detailed results of the various tests carried out, a clear diagnosis of your situation and a recommendations report setting out the best practices to adopt, safety measures to be implemented and the tasks to perform to correct the detected security flaws.

Benefits of the penetration test assessment for your business:

  • Detailed and prioritized information about your network vulnerabilities
  • Avoid the costs related to downtime
  • Preserve your corporate image and your customers’ trust
  • Meet the regulatory requirements set out by personal information protection legislation
Identify my network's vulnerabilities