March 30th, 2020  |  par Christian Coutu  |  News

COVID-19 – The continuity of your operations: 81 GTI branches to help you!

Dear customers and partners,

After almost a week of isolation, our team is still healthy and fully operational in teleworking.  Our 81 branches are mobilized and determined to help you in the continuity of your business.

Full steam ahead!

The GTI Support Centre is currently operating at full capacity and receiving an exceptionally high number of calls.  We’ve seen an increase of more than 50% in the number of calls and support requests.  Even so, our team is staying on course with an average response time of 44 seconds.  World-class performance!

Moreover, in the context of the new professional reality in times of COVID-19, our solution development teams are called upon as never before. Our clients are accelerating their strategic projects to increase efficiency and meet growing demand.  In a very different context now, many clients are choosing to implement electronic signature solutions, among other things.

This is the case of one of our clients, Magnus Poirier, which processes more than 25,000 legal documents annually. Contracts and payment authorizations, which until recently required families to travel to sign in person, will now be transferred electronically using the “SignNow” solution.


No time to let your guard down!

In recent days, we have seen a massive and worrisome increase in cyber attacks.  We would like to remind you of a few basic security principles, particularly in telework situations:

  • Companies should provide their employees with all the necessary computer equipment for teleworking and prevent them from accessing the company’s network from their own home computer. Generally, personal computers do not have the same security configurations and are not up to date.  Telework connections must remain fully controlled and secured, and all updates (antivirus, antispam and authentication) must be performed regularly.
  • “I don’t know it, I don’t open it!” It’s not advisable to open an e-mail or attachment from a stranger.  This is one of the favourite methods for cyberhackers.
  • As a security measure, once again, it’s strongly recommended that you restart your computer regularly and lock it when you’re away.

The watchword is vigilance!

Our priority remains the continuity of your business and we’re here for you!

On behalf of the entire GTI team, we sincerely hope that you, your teams and your loved ones remain healthy.

Thank you for your support!

Christian Coutu
President and CEO