Do More with Less

Do More with Less

Maximizing operational resources is this industry’s challenge. Indeed, it can be difficult to juggle membership management while organizing the annual congress. Fortunately, process automation through interconnected systems can save you a lot of time.

We Address Your Issues

  • Management of members and their contributions
  • Reduce support calls for recurring tasks
  • Process automation through interconnected systems
  • Congress and Event Management
  • Improve the visibility of your association’s training activities and publications

CMS, CRM, or mobile application, we focus on our platforms’ interconnection to minimize manual operations. Enter your content in one place and let technology do the rest.

Associations multiplies by 4 the investment granted by the government

Membership Management and Transactional Platforms

A large membership base requires several administrative tasks: profile creation, membership management, training, and events. Integrate a transactional platform into your member area and connect your CRM for easy and enjoyable membership management.

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Our Adapted Digital Solutions

  • Dedicated member area
  • Creation of dynamic profiles and election reports
  • Hierarchy of rights, role management, and access to information
  • Informational site
  • Transactional platform and membership management

2,2 millions adults volunteer annually in Québec associations

Good role management will allow you to manage all of your association’s activities in one place. From the members to the Board of Directors, access to information is defined for each type of profile.

Mobile Application and Event Management

Your association organizes several annual events like conventions, conferences, or training. To select an activity that suits them, your members must go through research, registration, and payment. Why not consolidate all these actions in a mobile application connected to your content manager?

A Few Projects...

Our Interconnected Solutions

Customize the content visible to each member by connecting your mobile application to your CRM. Suggest activities depending on profile types and attended events. Engage in conversation during conferences through a question and answer platform.