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Entertainment goes digital

Entertainment goes digital

Event Management Software for Comedy and Music Festivals, Circus or Theatre! Culture is part of our daily lives. With offices near the Quartier des Spectacles, we see the street fill up with people during the summer. Our work takes on this pace and adapts itself to festival season!

We Address Your Issues

  • Increase ticket salesand occupancy rates
  • Facilitate impulsive ticket purchases
  • Implement or consolidate your loyalty program
  • Reinvent your business model and buying path
  • Continue your digital shift
  • Engage your customers with an outstanding experience

You juggle several stakeholders daily. We get it. The role of a good digital partner is to find innovative solutions by delivering your projects as quickly as possible. We keep up with the pace!

60% of tickets are purchased online

Digital Retainer at the Frantic Pace of Your Festival

Adding a team of digital experts to your internal teams contributes greatly to the success of your shows: quick and responsive support and professional services at a reasonable cost, and complementary expertise.

You don’t have the manpower to develop new digital solutions while working on promoting your shows? You don’t need them all in-house. Pair your expertise to ours!

+100 M photos and videos are shared every day on Instagram

Ticketing and E-Commerce

Do you master online ticket sales? A seamless integration of ticketing platforms is necessary for a smooth shopping experience. Add a sale dashboard in the equation to consolidate all sales data and send your customers targeted marketing campaigns.

Ticketing Strategy

  • Control of the buying process
  • Integration of different ticketing platforms (Ticketmaster,Weezevent, Outbox)
  • Capturing sales data
  • Integratedticket sales campaigns

A great show is measured far beyond the number of tickets or passes sold. Create a memorable experience for your audience by focusing on a single product and an exemplary performance!

Build on lunchtime sales trends to optimize the timing of communications

Process Optimization and Data Integration

If I create a new campaign, should I increase my budget? How many unsold seats did the 8 PM representation had? Have I reached my sales goals?

That’s a lot of questions and as many Excel files filled with external data. How about you track your performance in real time with a dashboard and CRM combining sales and user behaviour?

Tooling your business gives you the means to understand its context. In an environment as changeable as the entertainment industry with all its stakeholders, the advantage of a quick decision is priceless!

Diversification of Sales Channels

To maximize your events’ visibility, we must use all possible channels. Think websites, mobile applications, and newsletters, but also social networks and landing pages. Relying on the principle that one platform is not more important than the other, your sales channels must rely on complementarity and interactions.

The must-see sales channels

Selling tickets through multi-channel digital marketing campaigns pays off. We suggest a progressive and evolutionary approach, based on more than 4 years of digital partnership with festivals that embrace technological innovation.

JFL42’s mobile app generated 5707 downloads in a month