Digital Solutions for CISSS, Clinics, Institutes, Hospitals …

Digital Solutions for CISSS, Clinics, Institutes, Hospitals …

CISSS, hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions are facing digital transformation. Whether in terms of working methods or the development of new management strategies, each organization needs to develop technological solutions specific to its needs. We support you in the construction and implementation of informational websites for patients and their families, intranets systems promoting collaboration between your employees, interactive mobile applications for a better flow of information, and more…

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Health facilities and hospitales are turning to digital technology to optimize their management processes.

WCAG accessibility standards

In the health care environment, we are communicating with nurses, employees, doctors, researchers, students, but especially patients, their families and the community. Technology tools must allow better access to information for all users and provide a complete and easy user experience for patients and visitors. This is where WCAG standards become very useful and important.

What Are the WCAG Standards?

We Are the Specialists in Canada

The optimization of the clinical documentation and its sharing makes tele expertise more accessible.

The World Health Organization estimates that medical automation will increase from 37 % in 2018 to 79 % by 2024.

Intranets and Collaboration Tools

Collaborative platforms are central to Canada’s health care system. The hospital, or any other health institution, needs precise visibility to effectively manage its medical, administrative and financial centers. Whether for internal directories, interactive maps, consolidation of your documentation or even to grant your employees access to various tools employees, let us put our experience and know-how to work for you.

The DSQ is important for updating essential and critical clinical information that can be used quickly to enable effective patient follow-up.

Open Source Technologies

Drupal, WordPress, and search engine systems such as ElasticSearch or Algolia… These open-source technologies offer a high level of performance. The licences provide access to their source code and to many other development possibilities.

The main advantages are flexibility, independence, durability (as they are virtually eternal), openness (It is no problem to add extensions or plugins) and especially quality (which is guaranteed thanks to the large number of follow-ups).