September 20th, 2018  |  par Eudes Réthier  |  News

8 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT Department

Still unknown, IT Outsourcing is an approach that consists in entrusting an external supplier with the responsibility for some or all of the company’s IT infrastructures. SMEs should consider IT Outsourcing to …


…save money.

IT Outsourcing
By leveraging outsourcing, the company shifts its IT services from its operating budget to the direct and indirect costs of hiring IT staff, and capital expenditures to acquire IT resources, software or hardware. In addition, an SME choosing outsourcing will only pay for the services it really needs. To avoid throwing money out of the windows is still a good management practice!


…focus on the heart of their business.

IT Outsourcing
Refining its products, acquiring new market shares, innovating, facing global competition … Let’s just say that SMEs have to roll up their sleeves if they want to succeed in the current business context. With their limited resources, they do not have the luxury of being distracted by considerations such as network speed!


…gain flexibility.

IT Outsourcing
In the age of the digital economy, businesses need to be able to seize opportunities in time – whether it’s a new consumer’s need or a competitor who is shaking up the market. Also, it is in the interest of SMEs to have an IT service that can adapt quickly to a constantly changing business world. And that’s what outsourcing allows them to do.


…increase employee productivity.

IT Outsourcing
So that employees can provide the best of themselves, they need the best tools … Thanks to outsourcing, competent technicians ensure that the IT environment of the company operates at its optimal level, at all times.


…have access to a large pool of experts.

IT Outsourcing
To entrust its IT services to a supplier under an outsourcing contract is to have at hand a squad of specialists with complementary expertise: network managers, developers, computer technicians, integrators. An elite team, ready to take on any challenge!


…give a more strategic role to IT staff.

IT Outsourcing
By relieving them of system maintenance and technical support tasks, internal IT teams now have time to focus on more innovative, more strategic projects; projects that can propel the company to new heights.


…doing the right thing in cybersecurity.

IT Outsourcing
No business is immune to a security breach or data theft. Faced with this risk, improvisation is not an option. Moving to outsourcing means putting the security of your systems in expert hands. In addition to regular updates, GTI offers a “morning preventive watch”: each morning, technicians monitor customer environments to make sure everything is in order. This is a proactive way to manage cybersecurity issues.


…play in the big leagues!

IT Outsourcing
Finally, IT outsourcing provides access to state-of-the-art systems, specialized know-how and best practices. In short, a level of services that can rival that of the big businesses, at a cost that suits the small…


With more than 25 years of experience in the world of information technology, GTI offers outsourcing services designed to meet the needs of SMEs. Contact us for more information!