Contact Information Solution


The GTI sales team contacted our FileMaker Go experts to design a software to simplify the collection of prospective clients’ contact information during corporate events and especially the Stratégie PME event.


Designed by our Software Solutions experts, our application facilitates the collection of prospective clients’ contact information thanks to its intuitive interface.

It allows:

  • Prospective clients to enter their information by hand or by taking a picture of their business card,
  • The option to specify their needs for our services,
  • To obtain an estimate of what their monthly IT outsourcing costs might be.


With this set of information, our business development team had all the necessary information to follow-up based on the specific needs of each prospect.

Available on a computer as well as on a tablet, gathering information has never been so simple and convenient!

Technologies: FileMaker Go, Knob.js, HTML

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