New Membership Management Solution for PREVIBOIS


PRÉVIBOIS is a company that brings together the leading players in the forestry and wood processing industries to support them in their efforts to continuously improve workplace health and safety. The organization offers training, information, and consulting services.

With a member management solution developed under an outdated technology called “4D”, the PRÉVIBOIS team called on GTI to modernize and convert this solution to the FileMaker platform.



Our Software Solutions experts developed a new member management solution thanks to FileMaker16.

This complete solution provides PRÉVIBOIS with:

  • Centralized customer data, contacts, and employees,
  • Planning management accessible to everyone at all times,
  • Inventory management and availability planning
  • Management of invoicing and creation of internal documents,
  • Dashboard of interventions.



All the data present under their «4D» platform has been imported into the new solution in order to maintain records of invoices, customers, and interventions.

The GTI team was able to support PRÉVIBOIS in the development of new functionalities but also in the simplification of the existing one, to facilitate the use of the new tool on a daily basis. The solution is now simpler and in line with the internal operational proedures.

Technology: FileMaker 16.


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