Outsourcing a FileMaker solution


The Alliance québécoise des techniciens de l’image et du son (AQTIS – Alliance of Image and Sound Technicians) represents some 6200 freelance professionals in more than 134 trades associated with the design, planning, set-up or creation of audiovisual productions.

The organization asked GTI for auditing its FileMaker solution.

During the audit, the AQTIS decided to change his IT supplier and appointed GTI for daily maintained its software solutions.

GTI’s goals are to:

  • Daily maintain the platform,
  • Improve features,
  • Stabilize some major features,
  • Implement and maintain financial synch operations.


The scope of our software solutions experts’ team is to simplify daily operations within the 3 departments of the organization.

GTI had also improved some major features such as:

  • Financial synch operations: data transfer (all entries) from FileMaker to the Acomba accounting software.
  • Management of data movements and group insurance calculation: optimization and stabilization of the weekly and bi-annual report of the insurance movements sent to the Blue Cross
  • Tax receipts: plugin improvement to simplify data management and sent tax receipts at the end of the year to all members.
  • Production of monthly activity reports sent to all members.


We meaningfully improve features’ speed. As an example: production of tax receipts took 21h and an IT expert support. Today, the production is full autonomous and only takes 2h30.

GTI daily maintains, improves and supports the FileMaker platform. The platform must be updated constantly because of rules and laws evolution within the audiovisual production field. Members’ independent worker’ status is also demanding in terms of platform updates.


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