Scalable and Secure Servers for TANK


TANK has been a GTI customer for over five years. This agency specializes in communication and marketing and stands out thanks to its strategic planning process and creativity.


TANK asked our managed IT team to replace their end-of-life server, which was no longer safe and did not offer high data availability.

Due to this server, TANK’s technological infrastructure no longer offered any hardware or software upgrade possibilities, so there was an important risk of major breakdowns, data loss and business interruption for the entire agency.


Our experts not only recommended replacing the existing server, but also convinced TANK to opt for a two-server physical infrastructure. This new system allows for the workload to be divided equitably and to ensure data availability in case of failure of one of the two servers.

Thanks to this IT investment, the TANK agency now relies on safe technology adapted to the growth of its activity.

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