Design and integration

Optimize your operations with customized software solutions

We design and develop solutions adapted to your particular context and that can include most of your business functions. We integrate new software solutions or modify existing ones, according to your current and future needs, in order that your information (accounting, administrative, or other) is up to date across all of your systems and services.

GTI solutions
  • Project management
  • Time sheet data entry
  • Integrate management software to accounting systems
  • Budget management
  • Invoicing and purchase orders
  • Inventory management
  • Membership management solution
  • Electronic signature and document approval
  • FileMaker, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL/mySQL, XSLT/XML, Servoy, Microsoft Access, DocuSign, SignNow
  • Available in client-server mode or hosted in the cloud
Benefits for your organization
  • Effective solutions based on your operations and work practices
  • Maximize existing and future investments
  • Solutions that grow with your business, as well as your strategic & financial objectives