FileMaker, benefit from our 30 years of expertise

A partner since 1989, GTI is proud to be a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and its select Platinum community of certified developers. Called on for testing and validation of beta versions, our certified developers are also consulted when new versions are introduced.

As a FileMaker partner since 1989, GTI is proud to be part of the FileMaker Business Alliance’s select Platinum group of certified developers. Thanks to our experts’ shared understanding of the challenges and priorities of your business, they are able to adapt solutions to meet the operational challenges unique to your business.

GTI's services
  • Development of new customized solutions
  • Improvement of existing solutions
  • Development of connectors (API, Claris Connect, etc.) for communication between your solutions and existing software (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, Acomba, Accpac, Avantage, Business Central, SAP, Zoho)
  • Available in client-server mode or hosted in the cloud
  • Support to develop or improve your solutions
  • Training of your team
Benefits for your organization
  • Ease of use
  • Secure data sharing across different platforms
  • Integrate your solutions with other databases (accounting systems, payroll, etc.)
  • Access to an integrated tool to create reports
  • Connect with your Web solutions
  • Access to your solutions from a tablet or smartphone