Outsourcing - FileMaker solutions

We focus on FileMaker, so you can focus on your business

By outsourcing, you entrust the management of your FileMaker solutions under an annual fixed-price agreement.

This all-inclusive service ensures that our experts work daily and proactively to reinforce, improve and ensure the efficacy of your software solutions, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

A winning solution for all, the daily management of your FileMaker solutions ensure they evolve at the speed of your business, while reducing maintenance time and freeing up time for value-added projects.

GTI services
  • Strategic and budget planning, consulting services
  • Maintenance and optimization of FileMaker solutions
  • Analysis, development, testing, and deployment of solutions or new modules
  • Proactive surveillance of your solutions (Preventive Morning Surveillance)
  • Help Desk : user support
  • Management and prioritization of projects and requests
  • UX/UI ergonomics
  • Project management based on the Agile methodology
Benefits for your organization
  • Peace of mind at a fixed cost
  • The expertise of a multidisciplinary development team (business analysts, programmers, ergonomists, project managers…)
  • Proactivity and quick problem resolution
  • Reduced annual maintenance budget (+-15%)
  • Support requests are answered in less than 30 minutes