Outsourcing – FileMaker solutions

We focus on FileMaker, so you can focus on your business

With outsourcing, you entrust the management of your FileMaker solutions to us, for an annual fee.

This all-inclusive service guarantees that our experts work daily and proactively to reinforce, improve and ensure the efficacy of your software solutions, giving you the freedom to focus on your principal activities.

A winning solution for all, the daily management of your FileMaker solutions ensure they evolve at the speed of your business, while reducing maintenance time and freeing up time for value-added projects.

GTI services:

  • Strategic and budget planning, consulting services
  • Maintenance and optimization of FileMaker solutions
  • Analysis, development, testing, and deployment of solutions or new modules
  • Proactive surveillance of your solutions (Preventive Morning Surveillance)
  • Help Desk: user support
  • Management and prioritization of projects and requests
  • UX/UI ergonomics
  • Project management based on the Agile methodology

Benefits for your business:

  • Peace of mind at a fixed cost
  • The expertise of a multidisciplinary development team (business analysts, programmers, ergonomists, project managers…)
  • Proactivity and quick problem resolution
  • Reduced annual maintenance budget (+-15%)
  • Support requests are answered in less than 30 minutes
Optimize my FileMaker' solutions