Total Manager ERP Solutions


GTI has developed ERP systems that integrate all the functionalities required to manage your company efficiently.

With its proven methodology and its team of experts, GTI supports you in the selection and implementation of solutions allowing you to improve your operations and plan your resources according to your business context.

Benefits of an ERP solution for your business

  • Real-time resource planning for your business
  • Improved operational and financial performance
  • Streamlining your operations
  • Sharing of information between different departments
  • Possibility of accessing the solution from a Web interface and your mobile devices
  • Customized solution according to your needs

Discover our ERP solutions

Solutions that fit your needs

Ask us about the acquisition options available for you! Our solutions come with a technical support plan which includes periodic updates and access to a support center.

  • Client-server license (with monthly plan)
  • Hosted service (with monthly plan)
Ask us about the acquisition options