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February 27th, 2019  |  par Eudes Réthier  |  Case studies Technology

Top Trends in IT that affect your company

Beyond Big Data and gadgets, here are the top trends in IT that will impact SMEs for years.


1. The explosion of the volume of data


Top Trends - DataThe web, the mobile devices and social media multiplied the points of contact with consumers. Each action is now measured, quantified, analyzed, compared and used.

In addition to using these new data for marketing, sales and customer service purposes, the companies themselves started to generate more data. Sensors appeared in factories, in warehouses, in stores, while the Internet of Things is now facilitating data collection in every spot where the company is.

Top Trends - Data

The proliferation of cameras on electronic devices and in public spaces, and the success of voice assistants – in homes (soon to enter offices) – generate audio and video data that require significant storage capacity.

On one hand, this growth of data is a blessing for businesses. It allows them to better understand their customers, tailor their offer and optimize their processes. Businesses have many opportunities to create value from the data they collect.

Top Trends - DataOn the other hand, the abundance of data also causes new problems for organizations. What data to collect and keep? How to organize them so that they can be used? Where to store them? How to protect them? How to use them? Where to find the computing power and algorithms needed to process them productively?

Recently, several frauds and failures exposing personal data have tarnished the reputation of large organizations. Surprised by these revelations, consumers have expressed serious concern. Laws and regulations have been adopted to better protect personal data. Organizations must not only comply with them but must be cautious and transparent to prevent incidents that would ruin their credibility.


2. The cloud, new central nervous system of organizations

IT Trends - Cloud


Outsourcing IT to cloud computing is a big trend. The movement does not slow down.

Top Trends - Cloud


Businesses first saw the cloud as a complement to their IT assets. After having moved some of their data, they learned to appreciate the software-as-a-service (SaaS). These services themselves generate data that stays in the cloud.

Top Trends - Cloud

When replacing obsolete servers and equipments, companies often choose the dematerialization path, turning their capital expenditures into operating costs.

The cloud is no longer a peripheral environment: it is gradually becoming the nerve center of organizations.


3. Increasing IT budgets for stability and security


Top Trends - Security BudgetAs technology moves into all businesses, companies have no choice but to increase their IT budgets.

In recent years, it has been noted that priority is no longer always given to innovation. On the contrary, companies are trying to stabilize their infrastructure to exploit and maximize the return on their assets. They want their technologies to work properly and to be used to their full potential.

Companies are also more concerned about their safety.

Top Trends - Security BudgetThey no longer only associate risk with natural disasters. They see more risks of human origin.

Occasional hacking became computer banditry, with organized groups ransoming poorly protected businesses. Cyberterrorism, too, seems to be gaining momentum: it is no longer the business of small groups, but also of authoritarian states that seem to have begun a latent cyberwar

Top Trends - Security Budget

Companies want to reassure themselves. They are investing to secure their infrastructure and protect their data.

In this changing environment, organizations no longer need a provider of digital space and computing power. They are looking for a technology partner who understands the business issues of the company and can inform their technology choices to support the organization’s strategic goals.


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