Software solutions

Upgrade your business processes without upsetting your operations

Integrator of software solutions since 1989, GTI is your strategic partner for the design and implementation of customized, high-performance and effective software solutions for your business, no matter what size or sector of activity.

Whether it is to upgrade a database, integrate an accounting system, or update existing solution, our team of experts has the skills to develop solutions adapted to your business context.

Our team consists of programmers, programmer analysts and project analysts, who design integrated solutions using GTI’s five-step process. They program, debug, provide technical assistance, quality assurance and functional testing, documenting every step, while acting quickly and efficiently.

Each of our experts receives the appropriate technical training and has the required certifications.

GTI software solutions:

Our services come with technical assistance available anytime. They can be planned and budgeted according to your needs:

  • Yearly fee agreement and outsourcing contract
  • Project basis (flat-rate or bank of hours)
  • One-time consultation (hourly rate or bank of hours)
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