GTI Canada announces official opening of Support Centre

If you are a GTI Canada client, it is now possible for you to schedule a virtual meeting at the time best suited to you with one of the technical experts at the GTI Support Centre.

Are you interested in enhancing your general knowledge of IT?  If so, you may now do so through our Support Centre. 

This lesser known and often overlooked service is available exclusively to GTI Canada clients seeking technological support, training in office automation or assistance with preventive maintenance. 

To schedule a meeting, simply proceed as follows: 

  1. Access the online calendar
  2. Select a 30-minute time slot
  3. Enter your personal information and a short description of the services(s) desired
  4. Confirm your meeting request (An email confirmation will be generated and forwarded to you automatically)

To learn more, go directly here.


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GTI Canada announces official opening of Support Centre
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