Ten reasons to join the team at GTI

Interested in a career in IT? Looking for a competitive, enterprising and positive working environment? GTI proudly offers all that… and more. Located in Old Montréal not far from the Old Port, our offices are warm and welcoming with a contemporary look and feel.

Following are 10 good reasons to come meet with us, and perhaps join our team.

1. Positive working environment

Living on the food of love is maybe all you need. Why not? But GTI can offer you something considerably more substantial, namely a warm, friendly ambience, colleagues who pull together as a team and, not to be overlooked, a comprehensive range of benefits.

Located in historic Old Montréal not far from the Old Port, our offices feature leading edge design and open-concept common areas. It is impossible not to succumb to the charm of place. Then there are our 4@6 get-togethers, great for chilling, drink in hand, and exchanging with fellow colleagues. Incidentally, Mikaël’s sangria is second to none and Laura’s cookies are simply amazing!

In summer, at lunch hour, it is not unusual for groups of colleagues to head out and share a meal in the Old Port which is literally just around the corner. What better way to take in the surroundings!

2. Company growing by leaps and bounds

Ambitious occupational aspirations? You will enjoy opportunities aplenty at GTI… where nothing is impossible. Who knows? By applying yourself, you could work your way up through the ranks and someday become part of our management team. Tempting, n’est-ce pas?

Our four divisions – Software Solutions, Digital Ecosystems, Managed IT Services and Administration – are continually growing and offer an impressive range of employment opportunities.

If you feel that a job in one of our divisions could be just what you are looking for, please do contact us or come meet with us in person. We’ll gladly talk IT with you. And, just so you know, our coffee is among the best in Old Montréal.

3. Major clients in multiple sectors

We work with a broad spectrum of clients active in a diversity of sectors: construction, audiovisual production, transport, insurance, etc. There is something for everyone!

GTI operates based on a client-centric approach, the aim being to provide services and solutions tailored to the business reality of each individual client. For us, client relationships are vital which likely explains why many of our clients have been with us for twenty years or more.

4. Emphasis on communication

GTI’s emphasis on communication helps forge ties, while enhancing employee growth and engagement. We believe that dialogue and transparency are the best means of building a solid, effective team. And we proudly walk the talk. Anyone can approach any member of the team. There is always room for ideas, projects, innovations, etc.

Upon completion of a project, your work will be acknowledged by your team, your superiors and your fellow employees.

5. Promise of acquiring new knowledge

At GTI, we value employee interest in continuous learning. Proof? Our employees regularly enrol in all manner of proficiency training.

Whether it be FileMaker training,  ÉTS-based programs or other such as next.js or Microsoft, GTI encourages employees to broaden their knowledge and skills with a view to achieving their full potential. 

If you are interested in learning and acquiring new skills, you have come to the right place.

6. Inclusion a way of life at GTI

GTI is open to differences one and all… origin, age, etc. For us, it is important that employees feel respected and sense they form a part of the same extended family.

In short, GTI is a company with a heart, a heart for people!

7. Respect for personal life

At GTI, work-life balance is key, which explains why we continue to espouse a 9 to 5 workday philosophy. Planning sessions, organized each day, facilitate our estimating workloads and avoiding overwork to ensure that employees get to spend quality time with loved ones and engage in the out-of-office activities of their choosing. We believe that this philosophy provides for maximum efficiency and productivity, while avoiding monotony in the workplace.

8. Rewarding professional life

When newcomers join the team at GTI, they are guaranteed a rewarding professional life. They will work together with experienced, motivated individuals who make GTI a great place to work.

If you are at home in the IT world. If you are curious, determined and eager for a position commensurate with your aspirations. Come meet with us. You will see for yourself that there exist many more reasons for joining the ranks of the team at GTI.

9. Active social club

What better than a company social club for organizing activities, forging ties with fellow employees and developing team building skills. At GTI, our social club welcomes suggestions for future summer activities, Christmas parties and potluck dinners. Or ideas for adding a little something extra to our signature 4@6 get-togethers.

Social club members have their work cut out for them. And, truth be told, project or activity organization is not always piece of cake. Come lend them a hand!

10. That makes but 9 good reasons. Can you guess the 10th?

Because GTI is an ambitious, ever growing IT company that just happens to be a great place to work. Backed by a diversified team and wealth of talent, you will enjoy the opportunity to develop and do what you like doing while acquiring new skills certain to serve you well in your career.

Always on the outlook for new talent, we look forward to receiving your application and are already eager to meet you!


Ten reasons to join the team at GTI
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