Web & Mobile

Do business anywhere, anytime

Our team of certified experts maximize the potential of the FileMaker platform by developing your solutions on the Web and on your mobile!

Thanks to FileMaker Go, you can connect to your FileMaker solution and access your information from your tablet or smartphone.

The FileMaker WebDirect interface allows you to access your FileMaker data through a Web browser, whereas with FileMaker Custom Web Publishing (CWP), you can integrate your FileMaker data to more traditional Web solutions.

Wherever you are, you can manage your warehouse inventory, produce invoices while visiting clients, digitize barcodes, capture signatures, verify availability for an event, and much more!

You are therefore interacting directly with your systems online, limiting the risk of errors and saving time!

GTI services
  • Expertise and knowledge of a wide range of Web technologies, such as Java, PHP, HTML
  • Development or improvement of websites
  • Development of applications for mobile devices and on the Web