Log4Shell, the biggest hack in history

Faced with the recent security breach affecting servers around the world, the GTI team is proactively supporting its customers with a secure response fully adapted to their challenges.

The breach affects the majority of users of the Apache Log4J Java library. It allows hackers to execute code remotely without authentication.

A robust and universal solution to detect security breaches

During this critical event, our cybersecurity experts (SME) quickly deployed a mitigation solution that allows us to analyze our customers’ servers and applications in-depth while avoiding potential breaches.

At the same time, our Pentest tools allow us to detect vulnerabilities related to the use of the Log4J library, but also any other potential threat to our customers’ technological environments.

When the solution identifies cyber-attack risks, our customers are notified and receive a report indicating the elements to be secured. We then support them with a response adapted to their challenges while providing our recommendations based on their technological ecosystems.

Who is affected by the Log4Shell leak? 

The leak exposes all users of the Apache Log4J Library of JAVA which is widely used. The hacking affects particularly Quebec, the Quebec government has decided to suspend access to nearly 4000 government sites and services.

According to many experts, the Log4shell security breach would be the biggest hack in history. Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, and the game Minecraft are among the victims of this breach.

At the time of publishing this article, experts in application development and cybersecurity are working to analyze all the infrastructures and applications that could be affected by this breach.

No GTI customers have been exposed to any malware at this time. We will keep you informed of any developments in this matter. This major breach reminds us, once again, that the security of our applications is key to a successful digital transformation.


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