FintTech, Insurance: it keeps going digital

FintTech, Insurance: it keeps going digital

A centuries-old industry, insurance is still highly linked to paper: forms, signatures, compliance, archives. Although this medium still has its raison d’être in some cases, customers have digitized their behaviour. Of course, buying insurance services is no exception.

We Address Your Issues

  • Personalizing user experience
  • Staying in the coreof a positive customer relationship
  • Controlling risks and anticipating the level of activity in certain sectors
  • Adapting to an increasinglypresent regulatory pressure
  • Dealing with Fintech start-ups and online insurance comparators

We accompanied big names in the industry through their digital transitions by integrating customized multichannel strategies and using Big Data in favour of better customer relations and risk management.

54 % of insurers see cost reduction as the primary asset of the Blockchain

Customization of the Offer

Artificial intelligence, virtual algorithms, and chatbots transform the customer relationship. Notions of personalization are well known to your consumers, who experience them daily with many products and services. Be at the forefront of digitizing your industry.

A Few Projects...

Big Data at the Service of a Personalized Offer

Mastering the use of Big Data is the name of the game to better understand your customers. Fintech start-ups play by these rules. Share claims progress in real-time with your policyholders and contribute to a better customer experience.

Business Intelligence and System Integration

Optimize your offer to customers and discount management by integrating systems, such as Applied, into your online insurance quoting process. Automate the exchange of information and data throughout the lifecycle by connecting your CRM and ERP. Our mastery of the hyper complex qualification process allows you to collect, maintain and extrapolate your customers’ data.

Business Intelligence Insurance Services

  • Anticipate the insurer’s level of activity and plan resources accordingly
  • Process automation
  • CRM and ERP integration

58% of insurers tested or set up chatbots

With your customers’ online shopping habits, the key to a good service is in speed. Seamless integration of internal systems optimizes your processes to produce complete and fast online quotes.

Marketing the Conversation

Post-disaster contact contexts are not always the most positive for consolidating your customer relationships. The insured is in “emergency” mode and does not have the best hearing. You must not rely on such a context to develop and maintain a positive customer relationship. Take the lead and maintain constant conversation with other points of contact, such as social networks, instant chats, or text messaging.

Interaction Channels to Integrate into Your Strategy

  • Social networks, community management, and after-sales service
  • Blog and insurance tips
  • Online quotes,co-browsing, and instant chats

55% of insurers want to offer new services to differentiate themselves from their competitors

For a customer to join a new channel, they must find added value. Consider facilitating the quote process, offering features that simplify insurance management, or reducing claims processing times, and improving your after-sales service on all channels.