Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation, A Must For Your Strategy

We are talking about a technology that can perform, automate and pursue various marketing activities.

The goal of marketing automation is to get a specific conversion. Whether it is capturing an email address, motivating a visit to a website, posting a video, encouraging registration at open houses, or buying a service, it must have a clear purpose.

Nowadays, when it comes to marketing automation, people include precise workflows design, scenario creation, triggering specific events, automating custom responses, dynamic content, and more.

It is much more complex today than simply email marketing because it incorporates a greater number of communication channels and points of contact. Marketing automation allows your audience to be more engaged, guided in a more personalized and strategic way.

The main elements to consider

  • Personalised dashboard
  • Growing Relationships / Profiles
  • Dynamic campaigns
  • Custom builder
  • Third-party integrations
  • Customized reports
A Few Projects

Sometimes it seems more logical to send a single email, that's all. However, for complex email strategies, your marketing automation platform allows you to create appropriate, personalised, and targeted paths and triggers.