MultipleMedia and Just for Laughs, a digital partnership with eloquent results

2015 was marked by the implementation of numerous initiatives by MultipleMedia for the Just for Laughs Group, strengthening the presence of in the field of comedy.

An improved user experience

The redesign of several sections of the website was done to simplify the information and its accessibility. The optimization of the Show Page stimulated the purchase of tickets online. Combined with an important SEO strategy, these actions have helped to anchor the online presence of Just for Laughs. Because year after year, more and more users access the website from their smartphone, MultipleMedia conducted a major improvement of the mobile version.

Alongside the development of the website, MultipleMedia led several Francophone SEM campaigns and proceeded to establish good SEO practices.

“The website broke the 1.45 million visits mark in July 2015 only. More than half of these visits were made from mobile devices and tablet computers. In total, over 3.7 million pages have been seen”, said Jean-David Pelletier of Just for Laughs. These statistics demonstrate that the strategy implemented by MultipleMedia and the Just For Laughs Group has definitely paid off.

An email marketing strategy with rigorous tools

MultipleMedia designed a comprehensive game plan for the management of the Just for Laughs Group’s marketing email. The creation of an effective CRM has enabled the automation of list management, and the consolidation of subscriptions and consents in order to better equip Just for Laughs in their relationship marketing. Adaptive newsletters, in turn, helped to reach a wider audience.

“The statistics speak for themselves, according to Sarah Bahloul, project manager at MultipleMedia. We have seen a 300% increase in subscribers and 250% of French and English sent emails volume. ”

A personalized dashboard

In order to enable Just for Laughs’ managers to analyze sales performance daily and reduce the time required for making executive decisions, MultipleMedia designed and developed a comprehensive dashboard.

It puts forward the interactive data analysis and presentation tools, offering the most efficient performance indicators. It is a real business intelligence model at the service of Just for Laughs.

Although we won’t meet Victor again for several months, MultipleMedia has already begun strategic planning for the 2016 Festival. Stay tuned to learn more about the achievements of MultipleMedia!


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