After Our Busy Summer

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The summer is coming to an end and our team remains mobilized to serve our customers, even if the pandemic remains at the heart of our daily lives. Indeed, whether they are digital projects, software solutions, IT outsourcing services or innovative cloud computing solutions, our integrated group has been able to meet the challenges imposed by the pandemic and ensure the continuity of services to our customers. The Covid-19 is far from slowing down our team!

New Employees

The gradual return to the office began earlier this summer. To the great happiness of meeting each other and sharing our energies daily, we are currently continuing our activities in hybrid mode until the end of 2020. Our customers have not slowed down either and for this purpose, in the last two months, we have recruited and welcomed 6 new employees and 8 interns. We are hard at work! 

We would like to highlight, the arrival of the new Director of Digital Strategies for MultipleMedia, Marie-France Simard. She spent many years in the media sales team of La Presse and as a digital solutions consultant at Pages JaunesMarie-France is an added value for the group. 

“I am happy to join the MultipleMedia team, it brings me a lot of new technological knowledge. My mandate is to be this vulgarizer who will help companies solve simple or complex issues in their current and future digital development. “ 

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New projects

Several projects were started this summer and Magnus Poirier is at the heart of many of them. Indeed, we are undertaking a multitude of projects on Magnus Poirier’s digital ecosystem which will make 100% online funeral services possible. In addition to completely redesigning their website, we carried out a security audit, a complete analysis for their migration to cloud services as well as the addition of an electronic signature system for their contract. To also add to the list of our summer projects, the brand new website of the Just For Laughs Group, which will be proudly launched on September 15, 2020.

This summer also marks the start of a new collaboration with the École de Technologie Supérieure. Indeed, the ETS placed its trust in our Kentico expertise to train, support and accompany their internal web team all throughout the upcoming year. We also had the opportunity to adjust Santinel’s systems to add the offer of online courses.

New technologies

Several technological projects have also been implemented to improve our internal functionalities.

These projects include the complete migration of the telephone system to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. In addition to the implementation of the Manage Engine’s DesktopCentral solution, it allows us, among other things, to manage updates, inventories, statuses, and configurations using a single platform.

It is also important to note the installation of the JIRA. This intranet allows us to increase our efficiency thanks to its agile management system, which enable us to optimize our collaboration on various projects. Also note the installation of the Bigin CRM, which will allow us to manage our customer relationships more easily than ever.

We have also added an additional layer of security when it comes to managing our customers’ information by migrating all login details to the Bitwarden encrypted platform.

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Only 120 days left before our new offices!

After all the teams were finally back to the office on August 3, we are once again relocated. This time to undertake the renovation of the 10th floor and the construction of our new spaces on the 11th floor. Estimated time of the renovations: 120 days.>

Looking to the future, this redevelopment project for our spaces will require very significant investments, while everything has been completely redesigned taking into account the evolution of our businesses and a more user-friendly approach.

For the 12 weeks of renovations, we will only occupy the 4th floor where we have set up our headquarters. The people holding functions related to business management and operations have been relocated there to maintain a high-quality level of customer service as well as the efficiency of our operations.


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