An A/B testing project for optimized residences pages

The residences looked at under the microscope

Following the opening of the new VÜ housing complex in Sherbrooke, representing communications opportunities not to be missed, Le Groupe Maurice Marketing team wanted to test new information architecture for the “Residences” section.

A different web interface would be experienced, benefiting from the traffic generated by promotional activities surrounding the launch. The VÜ residences A/B testing project was born.
Overall, the project aimed to measure the impact of new information architecture or a new display format on the capability to convert a visit into a contact.

[clear]The sequence of tests

450x400_analyseThe A/B testing took place over a period of several weeks and was used to compare the performance of the current version of the VÜ residence page (Version A) with the newly developed page (version B).

Initially, the B underwent extensive strategic thinking. Different areas for improvement were discussed and then combined and schematized. The result of this design phase led to a radically different interface and presentation format.

To measure conversion capability, the integrated test module Google Experiments and the data analysis platform Google Analytics were configured. In addition, Le Groupe Maurice, who wished to obtain maximum information during the experiment, went further, by setting a different phone number for each of the alternatives. Combining the results of Google Experiments with those phone calls, but also to those of Google Analytics events and Heat Maps, Le Groupe Maurice and MultipleMedia were able to gather an impressive amount of data.

Rich results

Le Groupe Maurice and MultipleMedia thus analyzed much more than the conversion capacity of viewed pages. This study assessed how the pages were used, where visitors clicked and which interactive elements were accessed. The conclusions put forward were therefore richer and more nuanced than simple conversion calculation, since the concepts of awareness and commitment were also analyzed. This valuable information will obviously be put to use in a future overhaul project.


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