Le Groupe Maurice and MultipleMedia: Our Partnership Is Also Responsive

Thanks to the contribution of Le Groupe Maurice’s marketing teams and MultipleMedia, new projects saw the light in 2016.

“The advantage of a partnership like this one is our team’s growing understanding of their reality year after year.”

– Karim Kendjouh, President

The different projects developed last year have a direct impact on the general overhaul. Our analysis benefits from the results generated by the A / B testing on the page of one particular residence, for example, while the content architecture comes from the home page and landing pages projects.

“We do not always get a second chance to make a good impression. Each contact point is important and make or break our chance for the customer to sign with us. This is what we wanted to accomplish with this new website: offer them a nice taste of what awaits them at Le Groupe Maurice, whether on a computer or tablet, and make them want to come stay with us. ”

– Sandrine Im Chan, web and social media consultant

In 2016 the goal remains the same: improved user experience and usability of the current site.

Everything starts with a good strategy

Groupe Maurice | responsive

“Information technology, telecommunications and social networks are now part of our lives, regardless of our age.”

– Le Groupe Maurice

While the term “responsive” is a must in the web vocabulary, it is important to understand that mobility doesn’t only affect millennials. Indeed, it touches retirees too; current or future residents of the Group are therefore no exception.

In order to adapt to the new reality of the customer, the responsive website redesign of, where mobility is at the heart of the project, includes an important part of ideation, design, and strategy. MultipleMedia has also developed a strategic dashboard highlighting the selected KPIs, a particularly useful tool to keep an eye on the ball.


Did you know that Google has been penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile for over a year already?

The last complete overhaul of the website was in 2013. At that time (yes, 3 years is almost a different web era), a mobile version of the site, though more limited in content, was created in addition to a full desktop version, to meet the growing mobile audience.

2013 does not seem so far away in time, but the practice has changed since then.

The new site not only optimizes the experience for mobile and tablet (the last format is increasingly used by retirees) but also boosts SEO for mobile search, as its content is now fully available in this format.

The new renewed and optimized website

Groupe Maurice | responsive

User Experience

“Forget mobile first for a moment, this site is primarily designed for tablet!”

– Tamara Maggio, Project Manager

The website’s navigation has been reviewed to allow easy access to information based on user paths. One side of the menu displays generic information related to the Group (news, careers, newsletter, about us and live with us) for the user in the exploratory phase. The other facilitates the transition to action (our residences, contact us and search).

The home page now benefits from richer content, bringing forward the search engine, the projects under construction and the latest blog posts.

Search engine

Accessibility is an important element in the search engine. With a premium position in the menu, it facilitates the search of a residence from anywhere on the site.

With 2 ways to view results (list or map), the search is as visually accessible as Cartesian.

The Residences of Le Groupe Maurice

Fun and sense of belonging are prominent in the residences pages, which truly reflect life at Le Groupe Maurice.

The analysis of user data has highlighted the need to create separate pages for each residence to display:

  • A description of each type of unit
  • A list of inclusions
  • Catchy visuals
  • A dedicated contact form

The creation of this section not only reinforces the visibility of each residence, but directs each contact to the appropriate resource.

The “Contact Us” page improvements are following the same line: a maximum visibility for each residence that leads to more targeted contacts. Talking about optimization, this means one less transfer for the client on the phone that simultaneously reduces the head office’s involvement.


The redesign project of Le Groupe Maurice is the result of a strong partnership. By combining the strengths of our two teams, we have completely optimized the digital universe of the Group, turning a digital strategy as inclusive as it is exhaustive into a complete website development. If you are ready to challenge your brand’s digital world, you know where to find us!


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