Blog Kentico Redesign and Visual Identity Enhancement

In response to requests for proposals from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the Groupement des assureurs automobiles (GAA), MultipleMedia proposed to a user experience in line with the latest technological developments and design trends.

So, that’s what our team was up to for the last six months.

Let me guide you through this turnkey project. But first, the introductions:

  • Project management: Tamara Maggio
  • Strategic Direction: Jean-Philippe Bédard
  • Information Architecture, SEO, UX: Marie-Pier Pipon-Lavoie
  • Art Direction: Maxime Verrette
  • Web design: Gabrielle Thibault
  • Kentico Programming: Nathalie Vallières
  • Search engine programming: Adnane Benjelloun
  • Development: Yacine Maza

SEO Experts

To consolidate the website’s position as a reference in damage insurance in Quebec with a large volume of visits, the referencing of the pages had to be optimized.

To do so, Jean-Philippe, our Strategic Director, visited the IBC-GAA team to expand their knowledge of SEO.

By then flattening the content architecture, their team did a good job of eliminating duplicate content, an element that probably penalized SEO performance in the site’s previous version.

Marie-Pier, our UX Analyst, completed a custom keyword study. With a thorough knowledge of the key phrases actually used by the targeted community, the editorial team was able to improve its content.

Let’s Design!


As can be seen in the media, insurance companies are making big efforts to rejuvenate themselves and this transformation often goes through gamification.

For the IBC-GAA team, it was important to keep the playful and light aspects of the site. The “Did you know” spots and the colourful design of the site, inter alia, convey this principle.

Divided into three categories (Did You Know, Tips, Prevention) available in each of the three sections (Auto, Home, Business), the blog provides interactivity to the site with its living content.

New Visual Identity

To clearly illustrate the different insurance categories presented on the site, the visual identity of infoinsurance was revisited.

Inspired by the association game where we interchange the top and bottom of an image to create a whole, the iconography is a direct offshoot of the brand. Infoinsurance, positioned in the centre of the logo, unites the two pillars of insurance. The lower part (wheels) represents auto insurance, while home insurance is represented by the top (roof).

Its two-line format increases versatility thanks to a more compact layout. The signature has been voluntarily withdrawn from the old logo to be positioned in strategic locations of the site (home, search engine). The new logo in its lighter form can now be used in smaller formats like on social networks.

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Do I need a logo?

Promotional Banners

To follow the new art direction, promotional banners were redesigned with a coherent graphic approach. Bringing interactivity to the home page, they also lead users to the blog’s feature articles.


Once the visual identity was designed, the association concept was then applied to the icons of the three main sections of the site.

Illustrated in the “bridge” pages (home, auto and business insurance) the three icons complement the layout using white space while supporting the content.

The six most frequent claim cases are visually represented in the promotional banners.

The Kentico Choice

To give the website a content management technology (CMS) that is safe and easy to use, MultipleMedia proposed the commercial platform Kentico 9.

Officially a Silver Partner of the platform with several achievements to its credit, MultipleMedia recommended this CMS, which favourably corresponds to the required output in the project.

In addition to being responsive and suitable for IBC-GAA environment, the new website also facilitates the integration and delivery of content across different social media platforms. We bet that you will now share the best tips and “Did You Know” spots from!

ElasticSearch Advanced Search Engine

Although Kentico offers basic search capabilities (in text, body, and metadata), MultipleMedia has taken this component further by integrating an advanced search engine. Based on the open source extension of ElasticSearch, it brings functionalities like multilingual search, display of real-time results (autocomplete) and integration of facets (or search filters).

The search engine combines quick search and user-oriented features to provide an intuitive search experience.

The product developed by MultipleMedia is based on real-world cases to respond effectively to the needs of the client and its users. It offers many features for quick searches on all content types as well as a series of filters to refine the initial search.

With its search by keyword or category, the content of the informative site, which has more than 150 pages, can be found in a flash!

Now that the platform is live, find THE answer to your questions about insurance in Quebec. Good visit!

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