Just for Laughs Gets Some Web Optimizations Just in Time for the Holidays!

After a complete immersive overhaul of their digital experience at the beginning of the year, once again, the Just for Laughs Group offered us a stunning Festival.

The comedy machine doesn’t stop once the Festival is over; it’s time for some homework with a post-mortem worthy of its name! Our two teams have therefore given themselves the goal of gathering comments and suggestions, both internally and externally, to take the user experience up a notch.

Discover New Optimizations!

Interactive Calendar

juste pour rire | just for laughs | optimisation 2016 ! calendrier | calendar

To offer users an overview of the various shows, the addition of a calendar was unveiled for the Festival. Available on the home page only during this period, it was the most visited francophone content page of the site in July (almost 100,000 unique views!).

As Just for Laughs is present year-round with live shows, we have extended the visibility of the tool by adding new features that enhance the user experience. Now visible at all times, we’re willing to bet the rate of use will keep its first place next year too!

  • Navigation by month and by day
  • Ability to print entire calendar
  • Simplified search across categories
  • Simple and detailed view
  • Permanent Home Tab

Optimized Mobile Experience

To make it easier for users to act, content from several pages has been completely reorganized and optimized for mobile. Improvements, which bring calls to actions (CTA) forward, also alleviate navigation by simplifying content visible on mobiles.

Ticketing—Fast and Intuitive

juste pour rire | just for laughs | optimisation 2016 | box office | billetterie

The goal of an e-commerce site is often to increase sales. To achieve this, the purchase process must be facilitated by removing any irritants or misunderstandings the user may encounter. Therefore, the purchase path has been completely revised to be faster and more intuitive. Thanks to modal windows, the user can now make a purchase without having to go through the show page.

For Just for Laughs, improvements to this portion of the site were also aimed at limiting the interventions of the ticketing team, with maximized FAQ content.

Show Pages—Open Horizons

To capitalize on a user’s interest in a show like the one they are visiting, MultipleMedia proposed the addition of a recommendation section. This adjustment offers customized cross-sales for each show.

Optimized Search Engine

This year, search engine improvements continue. The indexing structure has been completely revised to consider the human factor. The search function thus indexes several correctly and incorrectly spelled derivatives of the same term as well as several expressions associated with them. After all, error is human! To give managers more flexibility, various unforeseen derivatives can also be added as they go along.

Justforlaughs. com—Pursuing the Distinction

juste pour rire | just for laughs | megamenu |

At the beginning of the year, the Group undertook the task of separating corporate and consumer content by offering a distinct new website to each of the two entities. These first changes offered more visibility to the corporate content, previously drowned out by the Festival. To ensure a smooth transition and continue directing users to the desired content, both sites shared a very similar mega-menu.

This year, we are pushing the distinction further through new graphic standards and a reorganization of the menu. Mainly visible in this portion of the site, visual changes, but also positioning, ensure a better distinction between the two entities. Redirect alerts, meanwhile, guarantee the fluidity in multi-site navigation.


It is crazy what the usage data and joint work of two teams can bring in terms of paths towards improvement. We are already looking forward to July 2017!


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