McGill University Health Center

New Website for the MUHC.

The McGill University Health Center (MUHC), located  in Montreal, is one of the most modern and largest bilingual university network in North America. It is made up of more than 10,000 nurses and employees, 1,587 physicians, dentists and pharmacists, more than 1,000 research staff, 427 researchers, 1,200 graduate and postdoctoral students, and more than 2,200 volunteers.

The MUHC chose us for the construction of its brand new, intuitive and multiplatform website for the patients, their families and the community.

The goal of this important technological investment is, among other things, to allow better accessibility to information for all users and to offer a complete and satisfactory user experience for patients and visitors.

As a result, the new MUHC site will meet Quebec accessibility standards, based on the Canadian WCAG 2.0 AA standard, giving the greatest number of people access to information, including people with limited mobility, photosensitivity or restricted vision, or even blindness, deafness, speech or learning difficulties and cognitive limitations.

In a need to build together and look to the future, the MUHC and GTI, formerly MultipleMedia, will use a representative panel of users, consisting of patients, visitors and employees, consulted to adjust the functionalities and the structure of the website to their real needs. This design approach in co-design mode is particularly well suited to situations with a high degree of complexity and potentially divergent visions.


Mirzet Kadric, new Vice President, Digital Ecosystems
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