New Video Gallery for Groupe Maurice

The Maurice Group has used our services to develop a video gallery on its website.

With a very active YouTube channel, the Maurice Group wanted, through this project, to take advantage of this content to generate more traffic on its website and to increase their SEO.

By creating this new video gallery, video are now grouped in one place to facilitate users navigation and keep them on the website as much as possible.

This complete project that enhances content and increases website traffic while improving the user experience.

A Fluid and Intuitive Navigation

The video galery was designed to be easily accessible by the user.

In addition to being easily identifiable in the navigation menu, the structure of the page is similar to the “News” section to maintain website harmony.

In this way, it is also possible for the Maurice Group to “cross-reference” by suggesting videos from the gallery in the “News” pages and vice versa.

Everything is designed to help people find the information/video they are looking for. We have included tags, that group videos with common themes, and a search engine to search information in the titles and videos descriptions.

A Simple Video Gallery Like YouTube

The main page of the gallery displays all the Maurice Group videos, sorted by category and theme. Liking, commenting or sharing the video directly on the website becomes very easy.

When we click on a video, we arrive on a separate page. On this page, there is a section “in the same category” to easily switch from one video to another, and a blog post section to easily access an associated blog article.

An Ideal Technical Solution for Updating Content

One of the main challenges of this new video gallery was to give the Maurice Group teams the opportunity to easily manage its content. To this end, our digital agency opted for WordPress and the Google Data API.

This solution allows them to add a video in the gallery with its YouTube ID and remove it from the website gallery without having to remove it from the YouTube channel.

To further facilitate the administration of the content, we also have developed the ability to edit the title or description of a video thanks to the WordPress console.


We helped the Maurice Group develop a dynamic and easy-to-use video section to help them grow their content strategy.

What about you, do you want your website to grow? We would be happy to help you. Contact us!


Mirzet Kadric, new Vice President, Digital Ecosystems
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